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Alien Redeisgn Me by MikeJMurdock
Alien Redeisgn Me
First time i did a first design for a :iconre-design-me:

Well the theme is Aliens and I did take alot of ideas from Biopunk and the disorder units from Armored Core 2 (with a hint of Guyver)

The alien race I came up with is 7 foot tall Bug/lizard hybrids which there society main import is Security for other races acting like a paramilitary unit (so half military and half police force) (like the turians from Mass Effect). There technology is bio-organic in nature so there ships, vehicles, armor, and weapons are vat grown. The race may look intimidating ,but they are friendly towards other races as long as they obey the law. If they don't then they will take them down (depending on the situation non-lethal or lethal). There biovat armor provides ample protection and there claws and elbow mounted blades can extend for any situation and there wrists can open up and fire a webbing to capture targets.

In short there a mix of the Judges from Judge dredd with the abilities of a bio boosted armor from Guyver.

Anyway enough of backstory. :iconanakonda1331: your turn to redesign
Parrot Merc - Lobo Aguiniga by MikeJMurdock
Parrot Merc - Lobo Aguiniga
A character I came up with when I was looking for ideas for a mercenary and came across the Endangered Puetro Rican Parrot and bild around that ( and I blame also armored Core cause of the ravens)

[b]Name:Lobo Aguiniga[/b]
guerra del loro (War Parrot)
[u]Age:[/u] 41
Puetro Rican Parrot
[u]Gender:[/u] Male
[u]Occupation:[/u] Mercenary

[size=10]-Maintaining his Mech[/size]

[size=10]-Those with a Moral Compass[/size]
[size=10]-Anyone trying to jip him on his Reward Money[/size]

Creative, Decisive , Adventurous, Independent, Cautious, Greedy

[u]Powers:[/u] Expert MarksManship, Expert Mech Pilot, Skilled Knife Thrower, Martial Artist.

[size=10]-Knowledge of ever GUN/Robotnik Fire arms[/size]
Peak Mobian Physical and Mental Conditioning[/size]
[size=10]-Genius Level Intellegence[/size]

[size=10]-Still a normal Mobian so can be wounded and killed like normal folks[/size]
[size=10]-Suffers from PTSD when he remembers about his Wife[/size]
[size=10]-Agressive when anyone brings up his wife[/size]


Lobo was one of the many who lived on the Soumerca Islands working a normal wife in his very early life at age 20 working as a Loader pilot for the island docks. He enjoyed a nice life with another Parrot name Juanisha. He married her after dating her since they were 16 at age 21. The two years of being Married was going well until an invasion force of the Empire along with a G.U.N detachment engage during the middle of his Shift.

6 hours of fighting of the two factions cause considerable collateral damage to the Island and from the aftermath Juanisha life was extinguished crushed under debris of what was the House. Due to the Infighting and the year after the funeral he grew disdained of the governments and feeling that his life up to this point is just fake.. Endless conflict all around. Afterwards he quit his job and over the years was with a band of Mercenaries called the Soumerca Ghosts, a Resistance Forces against both Empire and GUN forces, and even going on his own. Drowning out the memories of his dead wife through Living in conflict, Knowing the only life to live is your own even through armed conflict.

He is now 41 and Spends a good chunk perfecting his skill while waiting for the Next Contract. Ready to just continue what he only knows. Combat.

He has a huge hatred for governing powers. Feeling that the people who live thinking the government will protect them and provide all is just a false idea. He usually calls the idea a 'Fake Plastic World' He may take contracts for them, but doesn't care what there selling. Just the reward at the end to keep his equipment maintained and him well fed until the Next contract comes up, and will continue until he gets to old to continue even with cybertization or until the day his life extinguish on the battlefield.

Music theme English: Threshold- Front Line Assembly

Music Theme Japanese: Abnomalize - ling tosite sigure
RE:ME: Villain (Mike Version) by MikeJMurdock
RE:ME: Villain (Mike Version)
for the :iconre-design-me: Villian theme challenge.

continuing off from this art… by :iconketrindarkdragon:

I love the idea of a villian being a Corp CEO. Mainly cause of Love for cyberpunk and the Armored Core Series.

ANyway Kept with the CEO of a evil Megacorp idea i think we should keep the mottiff going with this guy ,but that's up to the next artist.. anyway kept most of the idea from ketrin's alive , but gave him a beard (cause i can't do human heads worth crap especially them damn chins. I wanted to make him a outfit that has that formal dress look ,but a more paramilitary feel since I been on a armored core game bender I picture his corporation would be a megacorp that Puts there finger into various forms of industry and would have a small military 'security' force to deal with outside forces ( and maybe something to crush other corporations).

 I did give him a bit of cyberware with a neural interface on the back of the neck which is hard to see and something like a communications device shaped like a hearing aid. The sword I picture is a ceremonial sword passed down from generation to generation and shows he does have to fight the good guys if he needs to. He also would know how to pilot a mecha or a powered armor cause if he fights them goody goods he wants to deal a powerful blow which they will never get back up.

I kinda also designed the logo for the corporation . hopefully all this info and the logo isn't going too far out of line with the challenge x_x; if the next person want to do anything with the logo feel free.

your next :iconstarcarnival:
I usually don't like to post about  things that happen on the site ,but this irked me cause this happend to a friend of mine.

This person is stealing sprites from a friend of mine who worked very hard on them.

the sprites that were stolen: Axonian Grendiers sprites sheet by ImperialGuardsmen78

the original sprite sheet it was from:

edit: My friend gave me this to post in order to prevent further theft and proof he did this and not the imperial guardsman guy


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Just your average spriter, sonic fan, traditional, and digital and sic fi fan which just draws just whenever he feels like

Smack jeeves thingy I do to with a few buds of mine:…

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